November 10, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun....

(*make sure you scroll down and pause the music on my blog, before watching the video)

So this weekend was our 1st Moms-1st annual shopping trip. There were six of us who went. Bev, Kristin, Yvonne, Sahar, Cathie & Me :) We took TWO suburbans and left Saturday at 7:00AM. After a Starbucks run, we were on the road. We met at the Outlet Mall and shopped like CRAZY! It was a cool and crisp day. I got Webkinz for the boys, a headband from J Crew for me(the only thing for me)....I also got a gingerbread pancake mix from Harry & David and some new shoes for Matthew from the Bass store(really cute). We hit the jackpot at Children's Place, deals and more deals. They had $1.99,$2.99 & up deals for everyone! We also bought carmel apples for the kids.

We headed to the condo to get ready for dinner. We played beauty shop(Thanks Sahar), and painted nails, took showers and ate some snacks. After we had the fashion show, we left for dinner. We had a nice dinner at Andre's, splurging for Lobster & Steak, with a nice glass of wine :) At this point Sahar & Cathie started feeling sick... :( Sahar ended up with a stomach bug and Cathie with bronchitis. We went back to the condo after dinner , played a game of Catch Phrase, and crashed!

We slept in a little on Sunday, taking our time, enjoying some coffee, before heading to breakfast. The we hit the Mega Marshalls store for over 2 hours!!! We had FULL carts, ALL of us. We loaded up the cars and headed back home about 2:30.

It was a really great weekend, with friendships and memories made to last!

I really missed my boys(all 3 of them), but it was nice to have a day away. Daddy did a great job, with soccer and all of the other weekend things to do.... :)

Until our next trip.........


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Jennifer,

Your weekend sounds fabulous!!

Every Mom needs a little time away and to be able to shop with your best buds....just makes it that much better!

Have a great week!!


Michelle said...

You look like you had a great time. Glad you are feeling better. Did you save any stuff for us at the outlet???

Lucy said...

What a fun weekend! Looked like a blast. Can I come next year??? :)
Glad you got a girly weekend away, I'm so jealous!

Dave said...

Hey Sis, so glad you got some time away! You deserved it. I am a little jealous though ;)