February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday & Pray for me Pray for others

I participate in "Pray for Me... Pray for Others" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check out their blog to add your prayer request. Wednesday is now known as "Pray for me...Pray for others" on the Riggs blog - and they want blog authors to post their prayer request and then post a prayer request that they have for another person/family/situation.
Pray for Me
I have lots of things going on right now...just trying to keep up and keep the focus on the important things!
Pray for Others
Pray for Abby, she is getting ready to face another tough week!
Pray for our country and for the President to make the right choices.

Wordless Wednesday

I took this picture last week during Matthew's Valentine's Day party....
This is Josh & his "baby" sister Briana
I just LOVE the way they are looking at each other......


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Such a sweet picture....you can see the love:)

Hope you are having a good week.....TGI almost F:)


Penny said...

You are definately always in our prayers, especially now.

Can you send me some of the Valentine's pics for my scrapbooking?

Lucy said...

Is everything okay? I'll keep you in my prayers...
Love, Lucy

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jen. That is too sweet!!!