March 31, 2009

Yes, I am alive :)

Sorry I have been lacking in my posts :( We have so much going on around here. I was sick, finally got over it.... We went to the zoo on Friday for a behind the scenes tour with my friend Natalie, her husband Brent, the triplets and their friends from Tampa, Vanessa, Steve & Isabella. Then we had Michael's birthday party over the weekend and another friends birthday party. Plus we went to dinner with PaPa & Penny to celebrate Michael's' birthday. Then started the week with baseball practices and we are getting ready for our school's big auction, which keeps us very busy this time of the year.
Dave & I will be celebrating our 10 year in May and are trying to figure out what we are going to do. We would love to do a short trip, but a few things are causing us to hesitate. We have never left the boys before, I know that is crazy, but we are lacking in family to keep them, so it get tough. So we would like to do just do a few days and want to make sure it is worth the travel time. Also, the economy is not great, so we have to be smart about it.
I am behind on blog comments, but have been catching up on my reading. I miss it, but have to sleep too :)
I am so excited for my friend Lucy, she will be holding her precious baby boy in her arms on Thursday. She is being induced and could use our prayers, for a wonderful labor experience.
Even when life gets this busy, I try to remember how blessed I am! Here are some pictures to catch you up......
Our Zoo Trip
Michael's Party

More Party...

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.
Psalm 46:10


sara said...

Hey good to hear form you - glad to see that you are busy!! I just saw that Lucy is expecting her baby this week! magnolia is going to be a big sister! How fun!!

I hope you & hubby can work out some time alone, even if it is for a long weekend, it would be worth it! Wish we were closer, my boys would love to have yours over!!

Jen said...

I was starting to wonder where you had gone.

Glad you are back

Lucy said...

Aw, thank you! I can't wait to have this baby!!! :) Hope it goes fast.
I was wondering where you've been but saw on FB how busy you've been... Hope you guys can get away. We're in the same situation, lacking in family to watch M, that makes it hard to leave. :(
I can't believe it will be your ten year!!!
Love all the pics. We can't wait to come to STL and go to the zoo and so many other places. I hope we'll be able to see each other when we come! :) Take care and you'll be hearing from me soon!
P.S. Stanley is having a good time in WI. :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You poor thing....I can't believe with all you have going on, you got sick!!

I hope you can get away for your 10 is hard to leave the kids behind, especially when you don't have family to help out....I would be sunk without my parents being so close to us and always ready to pitch in and help....Pat and I are very appeciative.

I am so excited for Lucy and cannot wait to see that sweet smiling face:)

Hope you have a better week!