September 16, 2008

Tuesday-Trips & Memories

Another day in paradise....

Fish feeding.....

Nat & Jacob

Where's Matthew?

Bail please?

This was a perfect place for the kids :)

Spooky Cave

Nat, Liana & Sophia on the "scary bridge"

We love our coffee...

Since my blog is "new", I did not have the chance to post pictures from our wonderful summer vacation. So I will use Tuesdays for this for awhile :)
This was our day trip with Aunt Natalie, Jacob, Sophia & Liana to The Gardens for Nat's birthday. We played in the Children's Garden, did lots of walking, fed the fish, had a great lunch, and took LOTS of pictures :)

It was a great day!

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sara said...

Wow - you ladies are like superheroes!! Looks like a fun way to spend the day (including the Starbucks!!)