November 17, 2008

Layla Teresa
This post is about giving the glory to God!
I am sure you remember these posts about Vanessa, Steve, Isabella & their precious baby girl Layla. Well Layla has been doing excellent and should be home before Christmas!!! This is amazing for a "26 weeker"! My friend Natalie is heading to Florida to see her this week.
I received this email from Vanessa yesterday, and wanted to share it with all of you.....
Thanks for your prayers!

You are all going to wonder what I am doing composing an email at 5am. Well I am in the bathroom at the Yacht Club in Disney pumping. But more than that God has been on my mind and in my heart about sending this email since 2am. I have to give God the glory and praise! First for seeing Layla through everything He has. I will probably never fully understand why Layla came as early as she did. But God gave me such peace the night I have delivered her and I knew then all would be okay. He told me this over and over through many different people. Some here in Tampa with me and others a whole state away. Some people haven't even met me personally yet. Today we came over to Orlando to do something special with Bella Girl. We know Layla will be home soon and things will just get crazier. Tonight at 7:58 I called the Nicu and a nurse I've never met before had Layla. The instant she answered the phone I knew to my core something was wrong with this person and she had no business taking care of Layla. First she was rude and extremely abrupt. Second she couldn't tell me anything about my daughter or her afternoon. The nurses give full detailed reports to each other at shift change & the nurse that had Layla today has had my girl from day one. I know Ida told this person what she needed to know. But more than that this lady just made my guts turn. Layla has had a rough 36 hours. Her blood count was very low and she just came off her caffiene so her O2 sat has been very erratic. Today for example she dropped to 18 and Ida had to give her oxygen to help her recover. I was nervous as it was to leave town. But as soon as I hung up the phone I knew that nurse needed to be removed. We called the charge nurse, Lisa, who was in the delivery room with me. She knows us by now. Knows I'm not an hysterical parent and took my concerns seriously. She changed Layla's nurse for me with no questions asked. But more than that, I knew, just knew in those moments that Satan was after my girl. The funny part, well not so funny, was at the exact moment to the second that I was talking to Lisa, Beth had God place Layla upon her heart and she was already praying for my girl too. It's funny because I had to send a text to Sandy to ask her to call Beth for prayer and I had no idea Beth was already praying. (had to do this thru text bc Bella was crying and trying to go to sleep) long story short the prayers are working. My girl has had a perfect night for the first time in two long nights. God has been so great and merciful in this time. My girl is sailing through the Nicu with her only problems being her immaturity. We have had to brain bleeds, no NEC, no eye problems, her hearing was tested and came back above average. She was evaulated last week for the need for physical therapy and my girl tested were she should be or above average for a preemie. God has indeed made her perfect. He gave Beth's pastor a message when Layla was first born. He said that she would not suffer from her prematurity or suffer delays in anyway in her life. God is fulfilling this before my very eyes. Miracles still happen!!! I've got one to prove it!! God's love is perfect, even when we don't understand why our life is taking the turn it is. I have been humbled through this. We have a few more weeks to go before Layla is home but she is most certainly coming home! I apologize for this being so long. But I had to share what God has done, what He is doing. Why my love and faith have been put through the fire these last years I feel it has really come full circle. I encourage you to hold fast to the promise's God has made. He loves you too and has a plan! It won't be what we have planned I have proof of that! :) but He is in control.

I love you very much!
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9


Gwendolyn said...

Oh, how wonderful! Praise God! :o)

Lucy said...

What a beautiful blessing she is doing so well and will be home soon! I'm so happy to hear of this good news. What a miracle baby!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Miss Layla is truly a miracle from above!!

Glad to hear she is doing much better!