December 30, 2008

"Tuesday Trips"

Last Friday we headed to the Botanical Gardens to see their annual train display. It is such a neat thing to see, and the boys loved it! We also took advantage of our unseasonably warm temperatures and walked around the garden some. I am SO excited because now I have a membership to the gardens for the entire year! (Thanks to Joe & Penny!) I know we will be putting it to GOOD use!
Last night, we went to see Christmas Lights with Geema(Dave's mom). It is such a neat place. On the way we stopped at Starbucks for a cup of their "signature hot cocoa".
The boys rode camels and fed all kinds of animals, deer, cows, camels etc. at the petting zoo. We also got to see a really cool laser light show about the Christmas Story. It was a fun way to "end" the Christmas season.

Guess what we got for Christmas???
Next October, we are all going to the Bahamas and Key West. We will be celebrating Penny's(Dave's step mom) 60th birthday. There will be around 40 of us, from both sides. We will be spending 5 days and nights together. This will be our 1st cruise and we are very excited!
Thanks Joe & Penny!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The botanical gardens are beautiful and your trip sounds amazing....what a great gift!!

Happy New Year to you all...looking forward to 2009....let's hope it is a better year for all of us:)


PS...Glad you figured out the slideshow:)

Lucy said...

I'm so jealous, I miss the B.G. so much! Remember we used to go to the jazz night there with our picnics and wine??? The photos are great and the boys looked like they had so much fun! Were those lights at Tille's??? Geesh, that camel almost took Matthew's head off! George was just telling me about that hot chocolate...yum!
Your trip sounds fabulous!!!
Have a wonderful New Year's!

Christie said...

We were there last night, too! We didn't make it to the petting zoo, but we rode the trolley around. It was definitely a cool way to wrap up the season. Have a Happy New Year!