January 1, 2009

The holidays are also about spending time with friends.........
Here are some of our friends that we shared our holidays with...
*(I actually started this post last week, but just finished it(Sunday) not sure why it still shows the 1st?)
We had a Christmas pizza night & volcano cakes with our friends from school and church, Dave, Denise & Delaney. The kids did a little Webk*nz exchange too! It was a fun night!

We spent New Years Eve with our friends Matt, Julie, Emma, Ellie and Matt and their new puppy Olive(yes they are 3 Matthew's between us :) ). We had lot of yummy appetizers and ordered out Chinese and drank some Bailey's and coffee too! We also became the "champions" of Ping Pong(Dave), Catch Phrase AND Sequence. Yes, we will give them a chance for a rematch :)

We celebrated New Years Day with my best friend Natalie and her husband Brent, and their three precious "babies", the triplets: Jacob, Liana and Sophia. Brent made yummy steaks and hamburgers and some awesome sweet potatoes with ginger. For dessert we had Smores :)

Tomorrow we go back to "normal". I will really miss having Matthew and David at home. I have really enjoyed our family time this winter break, and already find myself looking forward to June.....I hope everyone has a good Monday, I know we will have some "crabby" boys here :)


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Happy New Year!! It looks like you all made the most of your holidays and shared lots of fum with your friends! We love Catch Phrase...it is one of my favorite games....we just bought the music edition last year...that one is really hard!!

Hope the first day back to school was not too rough on the boys....we survived!


Lucy said...

Looks like a fun and relaxing holiday for you all! Who got that big dinosaur for Christmas??? Is that the one on display at Target. Everytime we came close to that thing, Magnolia HAD to stop and watch it! :) It was kind of scary! :) So glad you had such a nice holiday. Happy New Year to you and your boys!